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Cambridge Organists

Be Prepared!

Back in 1962 webmaster went to an opening recital of an  organ newly rebuilt by Williamson & Hyatt of Trunch & Thaxted.

Francis Jackson played.  

There were “Trumpet Prepared For” stop knobs.

The organ still awaits its reed rank  56 years later.

While on the subject of being prepared, another recital webmaster attended was the opening of the newly rebuilt organ at Great Yarmouth in 1960 given by Flor Peters. The organ was built by Comptoms and typically enjoyed a good deal of borrowing and extension of ranks ( but I see the NPOR description makes no mention of this on the manuals). Peters had clearly not had much time to familiarise himself with the organ and was becoming visibly angry as stops and couplers were failing to provide him with expected crescendo/decrescendo.