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No.4: The Flute has got his hat on

The Rohrflöte, or Chimney Flute is of wide scale with ears. Brightness and clarity is added by the stopper tube as in the case of the pierced stoppers of wood diapasons

No. 5: Size 0 models

Impressive by their narrowness of scale, string tone pipes make a strong contrast with the diapason. CC can be as little as 1.13”. They are invariably of metal, webmaster’s attempt to

make string toned wood pipes resulted merely in a rather quiet flute. The lower octaves sport bridges to enable their speech, and are essential on cinema organ string tone pipes as they are very narrow scale yet high pressure.

 More on mouth parts later in this series.

No. 6: Stopped Diapasons

Wood versions are closely related, if not identical, to the Chimney Flute. The pierced stoppers add bright harmonics to make the sound more akin to that from metal pipes. Webmaster built this little instrument with a school friend in 1963 using a stopped diapason rank from a dismantled organ.

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